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Can an illegal immigrant become legal through marriage?

An undocumented immigrant can marry their way into legal status, although this depends on the country and the person’s particular scenario. Some countries have regulations that allow undocumented migrants to seek legal status if they get married to a legal citizen of the country.


Immigration Laws and Lawsuits

However, the application procedure and prerequisites could be complicated and dragged. In some countries, even if the illegal immigrant spouse obtains legal status by marriage, they may still be liable to punishments, including fines or community service.

Immigration Fraud Case Undocumented Labor

An internet gambling business was raided in Manila, the country’s capital, in 2018 by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. 19 Chinese nationals were detained as a result of the search because they were reportedly working illegally while on visitor visas.

It was found that although the suspects had arrived in the nation as tourists, they had overstayed their visas and had begun to work without the appropriate paperwork. The suspects were employed by an organization that offered internet gambling, a booming business in the Philippines.

The suspects were accused of breaking the country’s immigration laws, which forbid foreign citizens from working in any capacity without the necessary work permits. The suspects might not be allowed to enter the nation again if found guilty and would be deported.

Since unlawful internet gambling has been linked to money laundering, fraud, and other criminal activity, the Philippine government has taken aggressive enforcement measures. The 19 Chinese nationals’ arrest served as a warning to other foreign nationals who might be doing undocumented labor in the nation.

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