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Can an immigration lawyer report you?

Unless the client has committed a felony or fraud in connection with the immigration procedure, immigration lawyers are explicitly forbidden from disclosing their clients to officials by the attorney-client privilege. This means that without the client’s approval, the attorney cannot divulge any details regarding the client’s case. 


Immigration Laws and Lawsuits

However, if the attorney is aware that their client has committed or attempted to commit an offense or fraud in connection with the immigration process, they may be obliged to notify the relevant authorities. It’s crucial to remember that the attorney’s role is to act in the client’s best interest while still abiding by the rules and laws.

Keep in mind that retaining legal counsel does not ensure an application will be successful or approved. The attorney’s function is to guide clients through the immigration process, offering precise and current information and legal representation, but the immigration authorities have the last say.

Immigration Fraud Case Keung Sik Kim

Keung Sik Kim, a South Korean resident, was found guilty of marriage fraud in 2016 and served a sentence of ten months in prison as a result of the conviction.

Kim had bribed an American resident to get married to him so that he could get a green card in the United States. Kim filed for divorce from his first wife and married another woman soon after he was granted legal status in the United States.

The situation with Kim is an illustration of the lengths that some people will go to in order to acquire legal status in the United States. It also highlights the significance of ensuring that immigration petitions based on marriage are subjected to stringent screening in order to prevent fraud.

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