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Can I sponsor an illegal immigrant?

Most countries consider sponsoring an undocumented immigrant to be unlawful. This is because sponsoring an illegal immigrant entails giving a person residing in the country without valid documentation, financial or other support. This may include offering them a place to live, financial assistance, or even employment assistance.


Immigration Laws and Lawsuits

It is illegal to sponsor an illegal immigrant because doing so is equivalent to encouraging unlawful behavior. Depending on the location and the gravity of the violation, there may be fines, jail, or even deportation as punishment. Additionally, those who sponsor illegal immigrants may later be prohibited from doing the same for legitimate migrants.

It’s crucial to remember that sponsoring an illegal immigrant can have a detrimental effect on the local economy and communities as it can reduce legal citizens’ income and working conditions and put pressure on social services.

Immigration Fraud Case Shahidah

In 2018, Shahidah Binte Mohamed Salleh, a former job agent, was held accountable for using forged or falsified documents to assist the entry of 24 foreign nationals into Singapore. She allegedly promised these people jobs in Singapore but broke her pledge, the court heard. Some of the foreign citizens who were left behind at the airport were ultimately flown back to their home nations.

According to investigations conducted by the authorities, Shahidah had engaged in a number of fraudulent activities, such as submitting false applications for work permits and giving the authorities incorrect information about her income. The case also showed that Shahidah had charged the foreign citizens exorbitant fees for her services, emphasizing the use of weak people in immigration fraud.

The harshness of Shahidah’s sentence reflects the zero-tolerance policy of the Singaporean government towards immigration fraud, which is viewed as a danger to the social and economic security of the nation. The case warns those who aid in illegal immigration that they will suffer severe repercussions if discovered.

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