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Can illegal immigrants become legal after 5 years?

After five years, an illegal immigrant can get legal status. However, this depends on the country and the individual’s particular situation. Some countries have laws permitting illegal immigrants who have resided there for a predetermined time to seek legal status through regularization or amnesty programs.


Immigration Laws and Lawsuits

However, not all countries have such regulations, and even those that do may have arduous application procedures. It’s vital to remember that these programs are frequently transient and might only be provided occasionally. Furthermore, even if an illegal immigrant is accepted into a regularization program, they may still be subject to fines or community service as a punishment.

Immigration Fraud Case Group Scam

A group of six Chinese nationals was accused of immigration fraud in Taiwan in 2019 after it was discovered that they had submitted applications for work and residency permits using forged papers.

The applicants were suspected of using forged bank statements and employment contracts to back their permit applications. Immigration officials found irregularities in the documents the suspects showed during a routine examination, which revealed the fraud.

The suspects’ activities had severe repercussions as a result. Along with being accused of visa fraud, they also ran the risk of being expelled and having future entry into Taiwan revoked.

Immigration permits obtained through forged documents are a severe crime that carries legal repercussions. To avoid situations like this, Taiwan’s immigration authorities closely monitor applications.

Additionally, the nation has taken steps to improve the security of its immigration system, including incorporating biometrics and stronger security features in its permits and identity papers.

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