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Do I need an immigration lawyer to apply for PR?

It is not mandatory to hire a lawyer to apply for permanent residency. However, it is preferable to do so. A lawyer can help you with the groundwork and submission of your application, as well as with helping you understand the requirements for PR.


Immigration Laws and Lawsuits

They may also counsel you on the different kinds of PR plans that might be available and support you in learning your rights and responsibilities in accordance with immigration regulations. They can also help you comply with immigration rules and guidelines and evaluate various PR solutions’ potential advantages and disadvantages.

Although it can speed up the procedure and improve your chances of success, hiring an immigration lawyer does not ensure success.

Immigration Fraud Case Phyllis Galloway

Phyllis Galloway, a Jamaican resident, was found guilty of identity theft and immigration fraud in 2017 and received a term of 3 years and four months in prison as a result of her offenses.

Galloway had submitted her applications for immigration benefits, such as a green card and naturalization, using aliases that had been plundered. Galloway had acquired the identities by skimming mail and other sensitive documents and had utilized the stolen data to put together fraudulent applications. 

The case of Galloway brings to light the symbolic importance of ensuring the confidentiality of one’s private information and the criticality of developing efficient tactics for combating identity theft.

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