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How is patient data protected by Singapore's medical confidentiality law?

The Personal Data Protection Act protects medical privacy in Singapore (PDPA). Before collecting, using, or disclosing patients’ personal information, including their medical records, this law mandates that healthcare professionals acquire their consent.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Healthcare providers must also keep patients’ information private and safe and only disclose it when necessary to insurance companies or other healthcare providers directly involved in the patient’s treatment. Patients have the right to view and update the personal information that healthcare professionals have about them under the PDPA.

Medical Negligence Highlight Errors In Medicine

Errors in medicine occur when a patient is given the incorrect medication, the incorrect amount of a medication, or is not appropriately monitored for adverse responses, all of which can result in the patient suffering injury. 

Medication mistakes can be brought about by a number of different things, including a breakdown in communication between medical professionals, an absence of adequate documentation, or a failure to take into account the patient’s medical history and the drugs they are now taking. 

Pharmaceutical mistakes can result in suffering ranging from minor to severe, including long-term physical and mental impairment, major financial consequences, and a loss of quality of life. The severity of the harm caused by medication errors can vary.

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