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With decades of collective experience in courtrooms across the world, our team is focused on delivering the best for our clients. We achieve this through a combination of dedication to our clients, focusing on innovative solutions and drawing on our wealth of legal knowledge


  • Advocate & Solicitor of Singapore
  • Solicitor of England & Wales


  • LLB, University of Wales
  • College of Cardiff

Specialty Areas:

  • Family Law
  • Accident Matters
  • Criminal Law

With 21 years of experience, Eric has undertaken a wide range of general litigation work. He, however, specializes in Matrimonial, Criminal, Contract, Tort, Wills and Probate matters.

As a specialist, Eric regularly advices his clients on all aspects of Family and matrimonial law which include divorce, separation, maintenance, division of matrimonial property, personal protection order matters. Given the sensitive nature of these matters, Eric considers each case in its totality and advices every client on the various possibilities to resolve their disputes. This may at times require him to mediate as well as negotiate, instead of always taking route one by going to court. Ultimately, his advice is always geared towards the best interests of all clients.

Eric also consistently represents clients in numerous aspects of Criminal and Military Laws. His previous cases have involved matters such as murder, drug consumption and trafficking, rape, unlawful assembly, theft and others at both the Subordinate and Supreme Court levels. He is presently on the Court Appointed Capital cases list, assisting clients in serious drug trafficking cases which face imminent death penalties.

His civil work, among other things, involves resolving various debt recovery, personal injury, motor accident, industrial accident as well as contractual disputes. These disputes are often resolved in the Subordinate and High Court. However, when the occasion is appropriate, Eric takes on the role as a negotiator to settle the issue out of court.

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