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Sharanjit has accumulated extensive experience on all aspects of family, relationship and insurance laws.

As a Certified mediator, collaborative lawyer and family therapeutic  justice lawyer, Sharanjit is skilled in resolving complex matrimonial disputes and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. She has represented clients both within Singapore and overseas in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom, UAE and USA.

Her expertise in family and matrimonial matters include:

  • Dissolution of marriages, property settlements, including matters involving substantial asset pools and complex financial structures
  • Common law partners rights and disputes
  • Matters with assets located both within Singapore and overseas
  • Spousal and child maintenance/support;
  • Parenting matters, including enforcement and contravention applications in children’s cases, and relocation and cross border disputes;
  • Injunctions and restraining orders;
  • Child abduction: Hague and non-Hague cases
  • Relocation cases
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.
  • Protection of assets, trusts and corporate structures from family disputes
  • Mediating settlements both locally and internationally
  • Collaborative work

Sharanjit’s vast experience in handling insurance matters include the following areas:

  • Workmen Injury Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Professional Negligence and Medical Negligence Claims

Sharanjit is an advocate of alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) and she is an accredited mediator in Family Law and Commercial matters in the Family Justice Court of Singapore and both the Singapore Mediation Centre and Singapore International Mediation Institute. She is also an accredited Cross Border Child Dispute Mediator. She is accredited as a Family Therapeutic Justice Lawyer by the Singapore Academy of Law.

She is regularly invited to participate in seminars as speaker. Topics which she has recently discussed include: ‘The Evolution of International Mediation in Asia’; ‘Mediation in Insurance Disputes: Wise or Waste? ‘and ‘Asia’s Role in the Evolution of the International Mediation Process’. She was also a speaker at ‘The Offshore Investment Conference’ as well as ‘The Wealth Forum Asia’.

Sharanjit has been invited as guest on several live radio shows with wide listenership such as ‘The Breakfast Club’ on 938 LIVE, Money FM 89.3, CNA 938, Radio Masti,  to discuss concerns and issues relating to Family Law.

She is a frequent contributor of Family Law articles and a glimpse of her work is as follows :-

  • ‘Vanished without a trace – Managing non-Hague cases’
  • ‘Braving the storm – Knowing your rights as an expat wife going through a divorce (part one and part two)
  • ‘Is Singapore ready for surrogacy? ’, Martindale
  • ‘Pre-nups – the next big thing in Singapore?
  • ‘About that Pre-nup…’
  • ‘Of care and control’, ‘New guidelines on child maintenance’.
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