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Soyed Foysal Ahamed Pavel belongs to a renowned family of lawyers in Bangladesh. Now a Singapore Citizen, he arrived in Singapore 21 years ago as a student pursuing Business Administration.

In these years of living and working in Singapore, he has connected very intensively with his communities in Bangladesh and other localities of South Asia, as well as both Bangladeshi businessmen and workforce in Singapore.

Though not a lawyer himself, Mr Pavel has always been very passionate about legal domains especially those that revolve around the interests and welfare of Bangladeshi, Indian and Burmese persons. He has at countless junctures, worked closely with several Singaporean lawyers to facilitate legal work such as interpretation, transliteration and consultation for his ethnic clients.

At Advox Law LLC, Mr Pavel plays an essential role working closely with our lawyers in the areas of Personal Injury (Industrial Accidents and Work Traffic Accidents), Immigration, Family Offices, Commercial and Litigation, etc.