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Have legal representation for a fair and just

Having legal representation is the first step to go through the entire legal process. Our experienced team at Advox will advise you on all the options that are available for you.

In reality, the actual criminal defence work begins even before the case is brought before the judge. Our team will communicate and negotiate with the Prosecution to dispute, reduce, compound or even drop the charges that one is facing.

If the matter proceeds to trial, we are ever ready to argue and defend you with pertinent facts and points. Even if you have to plead guilty, we ensure that the outcome is fair and just. Our team is fully committed and will spend hours in end to ensure the best representation for you.

Being charged with an offence is a difficult and stressful experience. At Advox Law, we always go the extra mile for you. With our affordable and transparent fee structure, we aim to bring legal representation to all walks of life. Please contact us for a non-obligatory discussion on your options.

Your legal voice in court

We will strive to secure a favourable outcome for you by providing the following services:

  • Advising you on the procedure of attending court if you are charged
  • Making representations to the relevant authorities to ask for your charge to be lowered / withdrawn
  • Representing you in court to ask for a fair sentence if you decide to plead guilty
  • Representing you in court to defend your case if you decide to claim trial

Other Services you might want to consider