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We Help You Plan For Your Future

We can help you prepare for the inevitable by ensuring that your future generations are well taken care of.  We help draft  jurisdiction-specific or worldwide Wills, establishing family trusts, applying for lasting powers of attorney, resealing overseas Wills and applying for grants of probate.Working together with our international partners, we often handle multi-jurisdictional Wills and Probate matters.Our work also involves working closely with leading trust companies, private banks and accounting firms as our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience in preserving, protecting and managing your wealth

We focus on our clients and their intended beneficiaries

We recognise that families passing significant assets to the next generation want expert advice so they can feel confident about the security and ultimate disposition of their assets.

We also work with financial institutions handling estates of clients  who need expert, confidential legal advice as to avoiding, or handling, estate disputes.

We focus on our clients’ and their intended beneficiaries’ long-term financial and estate planning requirements, as well as addressing more immediate personal, financial, or estate or trust-related matters.

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