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What are the different areas of specialty within medical law?

Specialties within medical law include medical malpractice, healthcare regulations, medical R&D, biotechnology law, drug law, and healthcare compliance.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Some medical lawyers may also specialize in specific areas of medicine, such as cardiology, obstetrics, or pediatrics. Specializing in one domain can give them in-depth knowledge of the laws, policies, and procedures related to that field and can help provide better legal advice.

Medical Negligence Case The Bristol Heart Surgery Incident

It was a shocking violation of medical ethics and legal requirements when pediatric cardiac surgeries at Bristol Royal Hospital were carried out between 1984 and 1995 without the patients’ informed consent.

The surgeries were done on babies who had little chance of surviving, and the mortality rate after surgery was over 30%, which was much higher than the rates attained by other institutions at the time.

Later it was found that the hospital had concealed vital information from the parents of the affected infants, such as the qualifications of the surgeon conducting the operations and the mortality rates of the facility.

The fact that the parents’ informed consent wasn’t obtained in this case was a grave violation of the patients’ rights, and it serves as a reminder of the value of openness and informed consent in the practice of medicine.

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