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What distinguishes medical malpractice from negligence?

When a healthcare professional fails to treat a patient with the appropriate level of care, it is referred to as medical negligence and can lead to harm or injury. It is a legal term that has been established in a court of law.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Contrarily, medical malpractice is a subset of medical negligence and refers specifically to professional negligence or subpar treatment provided by a healthcare provider that causes harm or injury to a patient. It refers to a particular type of healthcare professional negligence, i.e., a breach of the standard of care that hurts the patient.

Medical Negligence Case Harold Shipman

A British general practitioner named Harold Shipman was accountable for at least 215 of his patients’ deaths over a 23-year span. Despite having a reputation for kindness and compassion, Shipman was also discovered to have given his patients lethal doses of morphine and other medications, frequently using falsified medical records to hide his tracks.

The Harold Shipman case brought to light the need for more effective tools for identifying medical fraud, especially for solitary practitioners who operate in isolation.

Because of his position of authority and the confidence his patients had in him, Shipman’s crimes remained unnoticed for a long time. He was only ultimately apprehended thanks to a police probe and the tenacity of the local coroner.

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