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What distinguishes personal injury from medical malpractice?

Personal injury is harm brought about by an accident or an intentional act. In contrast, medical negligence is harm brought about when a healthcare provider fails to give the patient the necessary care, and the patient suffers as a result.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

The main distinction between the two is that medical negligence is brought on by a professional’s lack of expertise or care. Contrarily, personal damage is caused by an external occurrence.

Medical Negligence Case Sydney Galleger

In 2015, Sydney Galleger, a 17-year-old Illinois resident, visited the dentist to have her wisdom teeth extracted. She received a sedative and anesthesia during the procedure, which caused her to cease breathing and experience cardiac arrest. She was pronounced brain dead a few days later after suffering severe brain damage despite attempts to revive her.

Sydney Galleger’s family filed a complaint against the oral surgeon and dentist engaged in the treatment, claiming they were negligent in their care of her and neglected to adequately monitor her throughout. They said Sydney Galleger suffered devastating and irreparable effects due to the legal team’s incompetence.

The issue was ultimately resolved outside of court for an undisclosed sum that was kept secret. Although the settlement’s precise value is unknown, it most certainly paid for Sydney Galleger’s family’s high medical costs as well as other losses brought on by her passing.

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