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Which doctors are least likely to be a target of a lawsuit?

Two disciplines with some of the lowest rates of medical malpractice claims are pediatricians and psychiatrists. There are probably multiple reasons for this. In general, children are less likely than adults to have serious or complicated medical disorders, and physicians frequently get along well with their patients and their families. Child specialists frequently use less invasive therapies than doctors in other disciplines, which may lower the likelihood of problems or mistakes.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Similarly, psychiatrists concentrate on treating mental health issues, which may have a lower risk of having an adverse physical effect than other medical procedures. Additionally, psychiatrists frequently employ non-invasive therapies like therapy and medication management, which lowers the likelihood of complications or mistakes.

Additionally, since mental illness is not as obvious as physical sickness, it is frequently difficult to demonstrate carelessness or blame in treatment.

Medical Negligence Case Roxanne Martinez

In 2012, California resident Roxanne Martinez, then 46 years old, went to the emergency hospital complaining of chest pains and having trouble breathing.

Her lung cancer was not discovered despite the fact that she underwent several scans and X-rays. Instead, she was given medicines to treat what was considered to be pneumonia and sent home.

She returned to the hospital a few weeks later and received a cancer diagnosis; however, by that time, the disease had already spread to her lymph nodes and her other organs.

Martinez passed away in the latter part of that year. The case that her family brought against the hospital and the doctors was eventually resolved for an amount that was not made public.

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