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Medical law is what form of law?

Medical law is a subset of the law that deals with the rights and obligations of both patients and healthcare providers, as well as the regulation and administration of the healthcare sector. Medical malpractice, informed consent, healthcare regulation, public health, medical research, and ethical dilemmas are a few of the many legal topics it addresses.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

The laws relevant to the healthcare sector combine statutes and case law. Medical ethics, a set of moral standards that apply to medicine, are also included in medical law. Due to its focus on pursuing legal redress for injuries brought on by healthcare practitioners’ negligence, medical law is frequently seen as a subset of tort law. Regarding healthcare and patient rights, it also includes elements of constitutional law.

Medical Negligence Case Stella Liebeck

On the year 1992, Stella Liebeck had burns on her legs as a result of hot coffee that was spilled in her lap while she was a passenger in a car. Because of the event, Liebeck was awarded $2.86 million in damages in a lawsuit that received widespread media attention but was also frequently misconstrued. 

The event resulted in Liebeck sustaining severe burns, which necessitated her undergoing a number of surgical procedures. Despite the fact that the case is frequently cited as an example of a groundless litigation, the truth is that Liebeck was seriously injured. 

The firm was accused of receiving multiple complaints regarding the temperature of their coffee but not taking any action to remedy the issue, which resulted in the filing of the lawsuit against the corporation. The purpose of the settlement was to provide Liebeck with compensation for the injuries she sustained and to convey to the corporation the significance of putting the safety of its customers first.

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