Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates. You Never Know What You're Going To Get. So Our Family Lawyers Are Here To Navigate Through The Sweetness and Bitterness With You.

At Advox, we have an empathetic team of family lawyers with expertise in both local and international family matters, led by Ms Sharanjit Kaur.We provide strategic advice in a supportive setting, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead. We are accredited therapeutic family practitioners. We understand and appreciate the human and emotional aspects of family and relationship laws and will help you navigate the legal maze therapeutically. We will hold your hands through the challenging times to help you move ahead seamlessly.

We have vast experience in local and international family disputes

International marriages, and correspondingly, divorces, are increasingly common in today’s globalised world. International dimensions of the divorce, such as assets and property located overseas, or where one parent wishes to relocate out of Singapore with the child(ren), may make the process slightly more complicated.

At Advox, we have vast experience in dealing with high net worth divorces and international family disputes. We advise on many aspects of family and relationship laws including nuptial agreements, property settlements and protection of assets, financial agreements, divorce, separation, financial support, and child related issues.

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