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Audrey graduated from Singapore Management University in 2019 and was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in August 2020.

Audrey has handled dispute resolution cases involving commercial and contractual disputes, employment disputes, rental and tenancy disputes, personal torts, and personal injury claims. In acting for the clients in these disputes, Audrey has assisted the clients to explore and represent them in cost-effective alternative dispute resolution avenues such as negotiations and mediation. Audrey was also one of the counsels involved in the High Court case of Janaed v Newtex Engineering and others. (

Audrey is also well-versed in family law and has experience in both uncontested and contested divorces. While divorce in Singapore can be a lengthy and complicated process, Audrey has the patience and heart to guide clients through their difficulties step-by-step.

Audrey has also handled a large range of criminal law matters, from traffic offences to violent crimes, illegal moneylending and white collar crimes, overstaying and immigration offences and so on.

Audrey has also handled several high profile cases, representing the buyers who were accused of evading stamp duties which was the first case of its kind in Singapore. (

Audrey has also recently successfully secured an acquittal in the matter of Public Prosecutor v Lee Yeow Chor [2023] SGMC 31 where her client was falsely accused of molesting a student on a bus.


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Audrey Koo