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We understand that when we entrust our health and well-being to a medical expert, we would never anticipate a catastrophe. At Advox Law LLC, we advocate for people experiencing pain, suffering and loss because medical negligence has changed their lives forever. We understand that it can be both technically complex and emotionally trying.


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Our medical negligence lawyers have decades of experience understanding and representing individuals and families who have suffered a devastating outcome as a result of medical negligence. We help our clients evaluate the strengths and merits of their claims and help them each a negotiated resolution as well as represent them in court.

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Seven Interesting Cases of Medical Negligence And Malpractice

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Patients and their loved ones can suffer irreparable harm as a result of medical mistakes. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, patients may suffer harm or even lose their lives as a result of preventable medical blunders. This article will analyze several high-profile cases of medical malpractice from different parts of the globe.

Instance of Bawa-Garba (United Kingdom)
Jack Adcock, age 6, was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2015 but later perished of sepsis. His mortality was ruled to be the result of gross negligence on the part of pediatrician Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba. However, the case generated heated debate, with many medical experts claiming that systemic problems, such as a lack of qualified personnel and substandard working conditions, were to blame for the disaster. A review of the General Medical Council’s fitness to practice processes and a heightened emphasis on aiding healthcare professionals were both proposed as possible solutions to the problems raised by this case.

The Matter of Duntsch (United States)
Texas neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch has been accused of harming numerous patients throughout his tenure. Duntsch, who the media dubbed “Dr. Death,” was found guilty of medical malpractice, including the unnecessary performance of surgeries, the use of improper techniques, and the commission of crucial errors. In 2017, he received a life term for his crime. The case demonstrated the need for stricter oversight and increased regulation of the medical profession.

The Trial of Tamoxifen (India)
A big Indian pharmaceutical company faced allegations of selling ineffective breast cancer medication in 2012. The drugs, which were supposed to contain the breast cancer drug tamoxifen, were discovered to instead contain a different chemical. Patients and doctors were outraged by what happened, and many are now demanding stricter regulation of the pharmaceutical business as a result.

Defending Stepanova (Russia)
Irina Stepanova perished in childbirth in a Moscow hospital in 2006. Her loved ones claimed the facility’s absence of adequate medical resources contributed to her death. The story received widespread media coverage and sparked a discussion about healthcare reform in Russia.

Example of Thalidomide (Germany)
The drug thalidomide was widely disseminated in the 1950s and 1960s for the treatment of morning sickness in pregnant women, particularly in Germany. However, it was subsequently learned that the drug greatly increased the risk of severe birth defects in women who became pregnant while taking it. Many countries tightened their rules for the testing and distribution of new medications as a result of the case, which had a major impact on drug regulation and approval processes.

NHS Foundation in Mid-Staffordshire: A Case Study (United Kingdom)
After complaints about the quality of treatment and the number of deaths at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, a public investigation was opened in 2010. The investigation concluded that the facility had put financial goals ahead of patient care. The case prompted widespread discussion about the need for more healthcare provider accountability and led to major reforms in the UK’s regulatory and monitoring systems.

The Trial of Henrietta Lacks (United States)
Henrietta Lacks had her cancer cells removed without her permission in the 1950s. HeLa cells were widely used in medical study and were instrumental in the discovery of countless effective treatments. Lacks’ family, however, did not receive payment for the use of her cells and did not learn of the research conducted on them until decades after her death. The case highlighted the need for greater openness in medical study and prompted discussions of medical ethics.

Thus, it is clear that medical neglect is a major problem.

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