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What is the role of a medical lawyer in a regulatory compliance or administrative case?

A medical attorney will endeavor to establish compliance with pertinent laws, regulations, and guidelines on behalf of the healthcare practitioner or organization in question in a regulatory compliance or administrative proceeding. Additionally, the attorney will try to lessen any potential fines or penalties.

Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Regulatory compliance is the act of adhering to the rules, laws, and regulations that control the healthcare sector by a healthcare practitioner or organization. Regulatory bodies, including the FDA, OSHA, and state healthcare boards, are frequently involved in administrative proceedings.

In these situations, a medical attorney’s job is to represent the hospital or other healthcare facility in question and ensure that they abide by all applicable rules, laws, and regulations. They might also try to lessen any fines or penalties that might be imposed.

Medical Negligence Case Insufficient Care at TTSH

A patient undergoing surgery at TTSH in 2018 passed away as a result of complications. The deceased’s family alleged that the hospital committed medical malpractice by not offering sufficient care and by failing to observe the patient in an effective manner.

It was purported that the hospital failed to provide ample analgesics to the patient, didn’t adequately manage the patient’s post-operative care, and was unable to respond aptly to the patient’s distress calls.

A public investigation was carried out as a result of the case, and its finding was that the hospital had been neglectful in providing medical assistance.

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