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In a divorce, parties are looking to rearrange their most private and intimate family affairs.

It is important to know that parties need not resort to contentious litigation in Court in a divorce.

They can consider alternative dispute resolution such as counselling, neutral evaluation, mediation, collaborative law practice etc, to try reach an agreement and thereafter, file proceedings on an uncontested simplified track.

In this way, parties can

• Put children first and work towards co parenting

• Keep personal and financial matters private

• Save time and money that would be spent on exorbitant legal fees

• Remain in control of the outcome of their divorce and your family arrangements

• Avoid lengthy litigation

• Resolve issues therapeutically steering towards helpful and workable outcomes.

When parties are willing to co-operate and compromise, Alternative Dispute Resolution can help relieve the emotional and financial burden that parties may experience while going through divorce.

Alternative Dispute Resolution can be highly effective and as such it is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side who can discuss your options with you and ensure your legal rights are protected.

At Advox law, our family lawyers provide dedicated representation to clients for divorce and family related matters.

We work closely with our clients and collaborate with other experts so that our clients are enabled to move on legally, emotionally, and financially.

We welcome you to contact us for a consultation.

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